The Goblin Tribes

Local Goblin Tribes

This is what the part learned from Shalelu about the local goblin tribes.

In general, goblins lead short, violent lives, rarely does one achieve the rank of ‘Hero’, but currently, each of the tribes has a hero.

Seven Tooth Tribe

Hero: Koruvus — has a short temper and a prized posession – a human sized magic longsword, which he stubbornly wields. He vanished several months ago, after discovering a secret hideout.
Territory: Shank’s Wood
Notes: Scavenge the coast below Junker’s Edge for “prizes,” reputation as best traders among the tribes.


Hero: none
Territory: western edge of the Devil’s Platter
Notes: Least aggressive of the tribes.

Licktoad Goblins

Heroes: Chief Rendwattle Gutwad — hugely obese, never leaves his thrown, Vorka — cannibal
Territory: Brinestump Marsh
Notes: Excellent swimmers

Mosswood Goblins

Hero: Big Gugmut —unusually big and tall, it is said he had a hobgoblin mother and a wild boar father
Territory: western edge of the Devil’s Platter
Notes: Largest tribe, held in check by internal feuds.

Thistletop Goblins

Hero: Warchief Ripnugget — bugbear ranger
Territory: Thistletop, on the Nettlewood coast
Notes: All the goblins admit they have the best lair.

The Goblin Tribes

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