Rise of the Runelords

Day 5

Day 5: Morning – At breakfast, we were greeted by an elderly halfling, who sought our help finding Ameiko, who was missing this morning. We found a note detailing problems about Ameiko’s father, from Tsuto, Ameiko’s brother. The note was written in Ameiko’s language, which the halfling knows some of. The note asked Ameiko to meet him at the glassworks, so we set off.

Upon arrival I heard goblin-like shrieks and laughter, along with glass breaking inside of the glassworks. After Aishe proved his incompetence at opening locks without attracting attention, or for that matter, opening the locks at all, it was required of me to conjure up screaming from inside to give some legitimacy to our forced entry. Suffice it to say our reputation is apparently not sufficient to justify our intrusion based solely upon my own word.

The scene here is horrific. Glass is broken and scattered all over the floor, likely from the goblins that we found trying to encase the dead workers, presumably trying to replicate the glass-encased corpse of Ameiko’s father. My examinations indicate that he was dead before being encased in glass and the work was not done with any level of craftsmanship in mind, likely done out of anger or some other extreme emotion. Who or what would have done something like this? Well, I mean, he wasn’t a particularly likable guy but this is both impractical and, might I add, grotesque. This is a shot in the dark, but perhaps this is the work of the mysterious “Longshank” the goblins have been talking about.

In other news, our reputation among the goblins as the saviors of the Swallowtail Festival is spreading, as some of the goblins ran away once they recognized us. My colleagues always questioned my decision to learn the goblinoid language, said it would be a waste of time. Well who’s snickering snidely now, Wilros Tryannyth?

We’ve left Zimri to guard the stairs going down in case the goblins come back up while we explore the rest of the glassworks. We still haven’t found Ameiko, and though we don’t know for certain she is here, my gut instinct tells me she might be. Usually I’d ignore such things in favor of something more substantial, but in this case I think it’s appropriate. We haven’t found anything upstairs so we’re heading down.

A thought has occurred to me as we’re walking down. The goblins got in here but all of the doors are locked. Going on the assumption that goblins can not in fact pick locks, lest they best our bard, that must mean someone let them in, presumably someone who they trust somewhat since they allowed them to be locked in. Although, the perpetrator may still be here…

So we found Tsuto in the basement with the two goblins who ran away, confirming my suspicions that someone let them in here. He died while we were trying to subdue him. Unfortunate, I would have liked to interrogate him. Regardless, it’s of the upmost importance that we find Ameiko. Oh, scratch that. As I’m writing this Aishe has redeemed himself by picking the lock to the door she was trapped behind. After removing her bindings she has expressed gratitude. She mentioned being brought through a hole in the brick wall, which seems to open up an area that had previously been closed off.

The brother long fell in love with an aasimar, Nualia, the old priest’s daughter, whom we thought was deceased. He had recently joined with her, speaking about having big plans for Sandpoint, not wanting to be here when it went down, and he offered for Ameiko to join him. When she refused he set the goblins on Ameiko.

We read his journal, the contents were not encouraging. When the sheriff comes back, we should tell him that we may require more reinforcements than we had first thought.

Day 4

Day 4 – We passed Shalelu Andosana in the street on the way to the armory, where the bard purchases himself some new weaponry. Afterwards we headed to the consecration of the new Chapel.

After the ceremony, Kendra and Hemlock invited us to lunch. Shalelu was there as well, unusual for her to be here around this time of year. All five goblin tribes were involved in the attack, also unusual. Hemlock left to get reinforcements from Magnamar and should be back in a few days. Shalelu told us to save Bruthazmus the hobgoblin for her. With nothing else to do, Aishe went to do his audition and did phenomenally well. Zimri was impressed.

Day 3 part 2

Day 3 – Evening
One of the locals came into the Rusty Dragon with her two boys child in hysterics. Apparently one had been screaming in the night about a goblin in his room. When the father went to check, there was no goblin. This time there was a confirmed goblin in his room trying to bite his arm off. Ogden healed the arm and we set off to investigate.

The goblin hid in the closet and, since nobody wanted to stand where he could attack them and thus refused to move close enough to fight, I made the perfectly rational decision to drop a sleep spell as close to the goblin as possible, and while it took down the two dwarves along with the little brat I would like to make the point that my spell was the only thing that actually affected the goblin in any way whatsoever. The father, unfortunately, didn’t make it. The goblin had decided to make a meal of his face. Despicable business, honestly I can’t imagine how low of a person it would take to work with these savages.

Merrick's Log Day 3

Day 3(Morning – Afternoon) – The sheriff was able to glean some more information out of the goblin we captured, apparently the people it was working for were mucking about in the Boneyard. Coupled with the fact that someone discovered an ajar crypt, we decided to investigate. The ranger has confirmed that six goblins and one medium humanoid were here, climbed over the wall, entered the vault, and left.

We entered the crypt to find some reanimated skeletons and a depleted Robe of Bones. The remains of the Ezakien, previous priest were stolen as well, though we know not why. As we left Ogden gave us a demonstration of “fine Dwarven artisan technique,” leaving me rather confused and skeptical of how they became so well known for their craftsmanship.

An angry man burst into the Rusty Dragon yelling at us in various languages at which point Ameiko came out and they have broken into an argument (I can’t tell what they are saying as they are speaking in an exotic language).

He grabbed Ameiko by the hair at which point the two Dwarves jumped him, Ameiko hit him in the head with her ladle, and Ogden created a puddle as he walked outside. The man was her father and he disowned her for not coming with him back to Magnamar(I must remember to try to use fewer pronouns back and forth in the future). I did what I could to clean up the soup from the spoon. Family matters can be so tedious.

Merrick's Log - Days 1 and 2
Journal Log Wizards

[Merrick’s Research Log]
Day 1- Zimri dragged me out from my abode to investigate this music he heard. I try to humor his interests so long as they don’t interrupt my studies, as it would happen I didn’t have anything planned for today. At Ameiko’s bar there were a number of… interesting characters. As it would happen one of them was the source of this music that so intrigued my familiar, while perhaps the strangest among them was a dwarf passed out on the floor. Somehow (He? She? It?) seemed drunker than I’m accustomed to in a dwarf. I forget exactly how or why but I ended up enlisting them to accompany me on my expeditions to the ruins. Despite the oddity of the group I appreciate the company if only for the sake of having someone else to set off whatever traps may lie waiting in the various ruins.

We headed out to Old Light. My old mentor suggested it used to be a large weapon. There was a faint aura even now, 7000 years after it crumbled, so he might be on to something.

The bard was turned away from his audition. Shame really. Zimri was looking forward to it.

Day 2- Ah, the swallowtail festival. The day promised to be interesting at the least. Festivities are lively as usual. The dwarves, as to be expected, are taking full advantage of the free beer. We went on a small tour of the new cathedral, it would appear that the old standing stones may be older than we thought.
Fire tragedy information:
5 years ago, rash of serial killings by the chopper, Stoot, killed 25 people, a week later the Church was burned down, killing the previous priest and his daughter.
Around dusk goblins started attacking the town. We subdued a large number of them and managed to interrogate one. He mentioned that they were ordered to kill and burn everyone in town by “longshanks”(their term for humanoids), which does not bode well for us. Who could have sent these goblins after Sandpoint and, more importantly, why? We decided to take the captive to the sheriff, who was not too surprisingly confused as to why we brought him a goblin. Ameiko offered my new companions free room and board at her inn as thanks for their help. I myself plan to rest and contemplate what the future may hold for my town.

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