Rise of the Runelords

Merrick's Log - Days 1 and 2

Journal Log Wizards

[Merrick’s Research Log]
Day 1- Zimri dragged me out from my abode to investigate this music he heard. I try to humor his interests so long as they don’t interrupt my studies, as it would happen I didn’t have anything planned for today. At Ameiko’s bar there were a number of… interesting characters. As it would happen one of them was the source of this music that so intrigued my familiar, while perhaps the strangest among them was a dwarf passed out on the floor. Somehow (He? She? It?) seemed drunker than I’m accustomed to in a dwarf. I forget exactly how or why but I ended up enlisting them to accompany me on my expeditions to the ruins. Despite the oddity of the group I appreciate the company if only for the sake of having someone else to set off whatever traps may lie waiting in the various ruins.

We headed out to Old Light. My old mentor suggested it used to be a large weapon. There was a faint aura even now, 7000 years after it crumbled, so he might be on to something.

The bard was turned away from his audition. Shame really. Zimri was looking forward to it.

Day 2- Ah, the swallowtail festival. The day promised to be interesting at the least. Festivities are lively as usual. The dwarves, as to be expected, are taking full advantage of the free beer. We went on a small tour of the new cathedral, it would appear that the old standing stones may be older than we thought.
Fire tragedy information:
5 years ago, rash of serial killings by the chopper, Stoot, killed 25 people, a week later the Church was burned down, killing the previous priest and his daughter.
Around dusk goblins started attacking the town. We subdued a large number of them and managed to interrogate one. He mentioned that they were ordered to kill and burn everyone in town by “longshanks”(their term for humanoids), which does not bode well for us. Who could have sent these goblins after Sandpoint and, more importantly, why? We decided to take the captive to the sheriff, who was not too surprisingly confused as to why we brought him a goblin. Ameiko offered my new companions free room and board at her inn as thanks for their help. I myself plan to rest and contemplate what the future may hold for my town.



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