Rise of the Runelords

Merrick's Log Day 3

Day 3(Morning – Afternoon) – The sheriff was able to glean some more information out of the goblin we captured, apparently the people it was working for were mucking about in the Boneyard. Coupled with the fact that someone discovered an ajar crypt, we decided to investigate. The ranger has confirmed that six goblins and one medium humanoid were here, climbed over the wall, entered the vault, and left.

We entered the crypt to find some reanimated skeletons and a depleted Robe of Bones. The remains of the Ezakien, previous priest were stolen as well, though we know not why. As we left Ogden gave us a demonstration of “fine Dwarven artisan technique,” leaving me rather confused and skeptical of how they became so well known for their craftsmanship.

An angry man burst into the Rusty Dragon yelling at us in various languages at which point Ameiko came out and they have broken into an argument (I can’t tell what they are saying as they are speaking in an exotic language).

He grabbed Ameiko by the hair at which point the two Dwarves jumped him, Ameiko hit him in the head with her ladle, and Ogden created a puddle as he walked outside. The man was her father and he disowned her for not coming with him back to Magnamar(I must remember to try to use fewer pronouns back and forth in the future). I did what I could to clean up the soup from the spoon. Family matters can be so tedious.



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