Rise of the Runelords

Day 5: Morning – At breakfast, we were greeted by an elderly halfling, who sought our help finding Ameiko, who was missing this morning. We found a note detailing problems about Ameiko’s father, from Tsuto, Ameiko’s brother. The note was written in Ameiko’s language, which the halfling knows some of. The note asked Ameiko to meet him at the glassworks, so we set off.

Upon arrival I heard goblin-like shrieks and laughter, along with glass breaking inside of the glassworks. After Aishe proved his incompetence at opening locks without attracting attention, or for that matter, opening the locks at all, it was required of me to conjure up screaming from inside to give some legitimacy to our forced entry. Suffice it to say our reputation is apparently not sufficient to justify our intrusion based solely upon my own word.

The scene here is horrific. Glass is broken and scattered all over the floor, likely from the goblins that we found trying to encase the dead workers, presumably trying to replicate the glass-encased corpse of Ameiko’s father. My examinations indicate that he was dead before being encased in glass and the work was not done with any level of craftsmanship in mind, likely done out of anger or some other extreme emotion. Who or what would have done something like this? Well, I mean, he wasn’t a particularly likable guy but this is both impractical and, might I add, grotesque. This is a shot in the dark, but perhaps this is the work of the mysterious “Longshank” the goblins have been talking about.

In other news, our reputation among the goblins as the saviors of the Swallowtail Festival is spreading, as some of the goblins ran away once they recognized us. My colleagues always questioned my decision to learn the goblinoid language, said it would be a waste of time. Well who’s snickering snidely now, Wilros Tryannyth?

We’ve left Zimri to guard the stairs going down in case the goblins come back up while we explore the rest of the glassworks. We still haven’t found Ameiko, and though we don’t know for certain she is here, my gut instinct tells me she might be. Usually I’d ignore such things in favor of something more substantial, but in this case I think it’s appropriate. We haven’t found anything upstairs so we’re heading down.

A thought has occurred to me as we’re walking down. The goblins got in here but all of the doors are locked. Going on the assumption that goblins can not in fact pick locks, lest they best our bard, that must mean someone let them in, presumably someone who they trust somewhat since they allowed them to be locked in. Although, the perpetrator may still be here…

So we found Tsuto in the basement with the two goblins who ran away, confirming my suspicions that someone let them in here. He died while we were trying to subdue him. Unfortunate, I would have liked to interrogate him. Regardless, it’s of the upmost importance that we find Ameiko. Oh, scratch that. As I’m writing this Aishe has redeemed himself by picking the lock to the door she was trapped behind. After removing her bindings she has expressed gratitude. She mentioned being brought through a hole in the brick wall, which seems to open up an area that had previously been closed off.

The brother long fell in love with an aasimar, Nualia, the old priest’s daughter, whom we thought was deceased. He had recently joined with her, speaking about having big plans for Sandpoint, not wanting to be here when it went down, and he offered for Ameiko to join him. When she refused he set the goblins on Ameiko.

We read his journal, the contents were not encouraging. When the sheriff comes back, we should tell him that we may require more reinforcements than we had first thought.



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