Rise of the Runelords

Day 3 part 2

Day 3 – Evening
One of the locals came into the Rusty Dragon with her two boys child in hysterics. Apparently one had been screaming in the night about a goblin in his room. When the father went to check, there was no goblin. This time there was a confirmed goblin in his room trying to bite his arm off. Ogden healed the arm and we set off to investigate.

The goblin hid in the closet and, since nobody wanted to stand where he could attack them and thus refused to move close enough to fight, I made the perfectly rational decision to drop a sleep spell as close to the goblin as possible, and while it took down the two dwarves along with the little brat I would like to make the point that my spell was the only thing that actually affected the goblin in any way whatsoever. The father, unfortunately, didn’t make it. The goblin had decided to make a meal of his face. Despicable business, honestly I can’t imagine how low of a person it would take to work with these savages.



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